Partitions: the benefits of glass in separating environments


Partitions: the benefits of glass in separating environments
News March 3, 2021
Glass partitions are one of the most popular solutions for separating environments, used mainly in houses, small apartments and offices.

What are glass partitions?
Instead of the traditional wall, the glass partition guarantees the necessary privacy between environments, maintaining an attractive look, improving lighting and air circulation in the space and effectively increasing its usable area, when choosing a glass wall art

What are the advantages?
The use of glass to delimit environments is a very practical and economical option, as it does not require changing the structure of the building. It is an easy-to-apply system when compared to alternatives (cement, wood, drywall). In addition, glass easily integrates into the decoration of the space and gives it a more modern and attractive look.

laminated glass guard with fixing rail
Laminated glass guard with fixing rail

Maximum security
The use of glass in partitions is not synonymous with fragility, as safety glass such as tempered or laminated glass is always used. The characteristics of these glasses offer complete protection against breakage, never putting people’s well-being at risk.

To learn more about safety glass , click HERE .

Office glass partitions
From a business perspective, the glass partition is an increasingly used solution. Glass allows for much greater interaction and cooperation between employees, conveys trust and transparency within the organization and gives the office a lighter look. All these factors increase the comfort that employees feel inside the office, which in turn also increases productivity.


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